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Time for Work, Time for Play

April 4, 2013   

Time on the Hill is spent in extremes.  Throughout the week I work at a blinding fever-pitch, but also  manage to find some time for great fun; there is truly never a wasted moment at Hamilton.  But all this activity makes the year go by incredibly fast.  After all, it's already spring.

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Just When We Thought Spring was Here

April 2, 2013   

Just when we were enjoying the spring weather, just when it appeared winter was gone for good, Hamilton is hit by a frigid snow storm.  Once more, the students break out their coats and gloves as we look over our shoulder to the warm, happy days this past weekend.

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It Was Worth It

March 29, 2013   

Congratulations to Hamilton's newest members: the Class of 2017!  One year ago, I was in your shoes, living through the stress and success of college decisions.  Let me reassure all of you: the college process was worth the effort.

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Spring is Upon Us

March 13, 2013   

Hamilton finally got a taste of spring this past weekend; nothing could be more disastrous for my work ethic than a warm, sunny day.  With midterm exams upon us, I must fight against spring fever.

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Nighttime Work

March 7, 2013   

I have always been a morning person.  Unfortunately, the nighttime is when I must get all my schoolwork done.  Even more challenging, most of my classes hold exams late into the evening.  But I always manage to overcome; I have learned to work at night.

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