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The Coffee Essay

April 24, 2013   

What is the great meaning behind coffee?  That is the question facing me this evening as I finish a three-page paper on coffee brewing.  I have done the research, I have stated my findings, but the appropriate conclusion still eludes me.

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Passion and Precision

April 19, 2013   

I did not go to bed last Sunday night; I was up all night writing a paper that was not due for three days.  It was a good decision.  The extra time allowed me to stay in my rhythm, to keep charging forward until the assignment was complete.

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Accepted Students Day

April 17, 2013   

This past Monday was Hamilton's Accepted Students Day; the campus was full of smart, eager and most likely nervous accepted students. The day was bright and sunny; the future seemed full of promise.

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Quality Film

April 12, 2013   

When a lazy, unobligated afternoon rolls around, I can often be found at my computer watching movies.  My friends maintain a lengthy list of must-see titles, and it is all I can do to stay informed.

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Courses with Friends

April 10, 2013   

I've just begun the process of filling out my schedule for next year.  Course selection is always an exciting time on the Hill, when each student gets to explore the possibilities of their education. Any number of voices can influence the choice of classes, but I have found that the opinions of peers are often the most valuable.

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