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A visit to the Supreme Court, and Front Page news

April 22, 2012   

With only a week to go in the semester, I recount some of our more notable recent activity...

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Nearing the home stretch

April 4, 2012   

April arrives, and with it great weather and the looming conclusion of the semester.

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Congratulations to those accepted to the class of 2016!

March 27, 2012   

A quick shout out to those accepted to the incoming freshman class, and a moment of nostalgia about my college selection process.

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The British are coming!...and a presidential candidate sighting to boot

March 18, 2012   

An eventful week included incredible weather and a White House welcoming ceremony and a completely unexpected run-in with a GOP candidate...

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Taking a break

March 13, 2012   

Back in DC after a week of taking it easy at home for break. A brief trip to the Hill was necessary...

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