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Pranks and procrastination

December 8, 2011   

In the second to last week of the semester, classes finish and a couple of my "friends" have some fun at my expense.

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It's been too long...

December 4, 2011   

In this post, I recap some of the events of this past week and look ahead to the grueling finals schedule to come.

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Two Week Notice

November 28, 2011   

In this entry, I take a moment to put some of my thoughts about the imminent close of the semester on paper...or I suppose on screen is more appropriate.

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Death By Turkey

November 25, 2011   

I look back on the festivities of Thanksgiving after successfully recovering from an unprecedentedly epic food coma.

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Shipping Out

November 17, 2011   

With my work done, I look forward to the Thanksgiving break to come.

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