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Another exciting weekend at Hamilton College

November 13, 2006   I had quite a weekend. There was a lot going on here at Hamilton College. According to CAB (Campus Activities Board), it was the biggest weekend ever. I would call that a pretty fair assessment.  More ...

It's Peace Week at Hamilton College

November 8, 2006   A week-long celebration of peace, with everything you could imagine.  More ...

Halloween at Hamilton

November 1, 2006   

At Hamilton, the Halloween festivities last about a week, and everybody gets involved. After all, who doesn't love dressing up and eating candy?

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I did a lot of economics related stuff last week

October 24, 2006   

In addition to my usually econ workload, I found two other "real world" events to attend.

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All the golden bicycles...

October 22, 2006   Wouldn't it be great to have access to a bike whenever you wanted? Just imagine never having to rush around on foot. You would never be late, and people would think you were so cool cruising down Martin's Way. Yes, life would be sweet indeed.  More ...