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The Grass is Always Greener, or too Green

April 20, 2008   This is how I lost it: I wound; I threw; I overshot the Frisbee.  It sailed far above my comrade’s head and past him and into the grass.  But was it gone for good???  More ...

Join us!

April 20, 2008   

Tomorrow may be your first day on campus as an accepted student!

  More ...

A Letter for New Hamilton Students

April 6, 2008   I encourage you to take risks, to challenge yourself, to challenge others.  I urge you to branch out and to meet students who do not look like you or think like you, speak like your or act like you. You will be glad you did.  More ...

Choir Tour 2008!

March 31, 2008   The grandeur and mystery of it all was only heightened...  More ...


March 11, 2008   The next to go was my scarf, then my gloves, and then my sweater, which I tied around my waist.  More ...