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My Roommate Peter: A Portrait

March 10, 2008   It’s not that we’re risk takers, necessarily, but we magnify the "momentousness of the moment."  As for singing, we both cherish the feeling of a song being stuck in our heads, and we’ll sing the song out loud rather than trying to forget it.  More ...

The Things We Carry (ode to spring)

March 6, 2008   Do not be mistaken: spring is, in fact, in the air and on the Hill.  More ...

A Snowy Snapshot

March 3, 2008   

Like an hourglass, Hamilton College has two connected halves: dark side on the (south) Kirkland campus and light side on the (north) Hamilton campus.

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Without Hamilton College's Writing Center

February 25, 2008   Hamilton College has a writing center on campus in which students lead peer tutorials of essays and papers for other students who schedule appointments with the tutors.  It's a great resource, but this morning I was reflecting on how most essays would read without the Writing Center's assistance.  More ...

Junior, I 'Tis

February 19, 2008   Part of avoiding "junioritis" is embracing the fact that I am a junior with much to learn...  More ...