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Hogwarts at Hamilton!

March 30, 2007   I have no idea why I remembered this just now, but I used to be a wizard.  More ...

Good Eats

March 1, 2007   Good food, good meat, good god let's eat - the best in Clinton cuisine.  More ...

Seasonal Affective Disorder

March 1, 2007   One week 'til Spring Break, one hundred things to do before then, including some fun ones.  More ...

Happy Snow Day

February 14, 2007   The most-forgotten holiday - forget birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, or Fridays. The Random Snow Day is the best day of all.  More ...

You’re Listening to WHCL 88.7 FM, Broadcasting Live From the Basement of Bristol, Here at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York.

February 10, 2007   Radio + Rachel = Rock.  More ...