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So You're An Indie Kid

October 12, 2006   Independent Music and Clinton, New York - like peanut butter and celery. It shouldn't be good, but it is.  More ...

Liberal Arts Means Learn What You Love

October 9, 2006   The obligatory "Why I Came to Hamilton" entry.  More ...


October 9, 2006   Leaves! Sunshine! Pumpkin Pie! It's October!  More ...

The Great Transition

September 28, 2006   There comes a point during the fall of Freshman year when you wish you’d made business cards before you left, so you could simply hand them out instead of answering the constant questions of “Hi, what’s your name/where ya from/whatcha thinking of majoring in?” I, personally, am a great fan of this interrogation, because it never gets old and is perfect in nearly every situation, but to avoid boring you, I’ll relate my own story of how I was already known at Hamilton before I actually arrived.  More ...

In Praise Of Tea

September 28, 2006   Though it is often neglected in those lists of Things That Are Different In College, getting sick at home and getting sick at school are vastly different experiences.  More ...