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Dinner with Mr. President

May 5, 2009   As mentioned a few entries back, my life as of late has been consumed by events solely dedicated to seniors and their four well-spent years at Hamilton.  More ...

It Was as if We Had Never Seen Sun

April 29, 2009   This past weekend is what Hamilton in the spring is all about.  More ...

Blissful Denial and Hidden Gems

April 22, 2009   So this week I’m feeling particularly reflective about my Hamilton College experience.  More ...

I Just Read a Book...for Fun?

April 14, 2009   Ever since my junior year in high school, my reading for pleasure time has all but disappeared.  More ...

Request Granted

April 7, 2009   I consider myself to be a connoisseur of three things...a great cup of coffee, a tasty steak, and applesauce.  More ...