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I Feel the Heat

February 10, 2009   No, I'm not talking about the weird heat wave we're having here on campus.  (51 degrees today...you have to be kidding!)  More ...

What's up with the Ice?

February 5, 2009   Yesterday I was walking towards the science center, sipping on my Opus coffee, and listening to some Taylor Swift, when I noticed a large sheet of almost frozen water in front of Dunham Residence Hall.  More ...

Kaitlin Tries the Gym

February 3, 2009   It’s 7:00am and I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen that time on my alarm clock in a long while. The oh-so-familiar thought of abandoning my planned activity crosses my mind…but this time I won’t give in.  More ...

We're bound to win soon...right?

January 31, 2009   “How many presidents have had last names with only four letters?”
“What was the famed Venus de Milo originally holding in her hand?”
“What artist has been nominated for eight Grammy Awards this year?”  More ...

How was your Break?

January 27, 2009   It’s the question heard round campus…passing from one student to the next. After nearly five weeks of total campus separation, students are anxious to get back to their dorms, buy new textbooks, start classes, and catch up with friends.  More ...