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Looking Ahead

November 30, 2007   I've chosen my classes for next semester. All of a sudden, I wish it was second semester already.  More ...

Wisconsin (and New York) Thanksgivings

November 12, 2007   There are still 8 days before break, I have a smorgasbord of assignments due in the next 4 days, and my pile of laundry is reaching ever higher. But Thanksgiving is surely my favorite holiday, and looking ahead never killed anyone, did it?  More ...

Drums in the Sun

November 6, 2007   Friday was a perfect day for being outside, soaking in the New York fall weather, and beating West African drums outside Commons Dining Hall.  More ...

Man or Mouse?

October 31, 2007   The time has come to give my first solo voice performance. Auditions are next week... why am I so nervous?  More ...

Eerie, Eerie? Quite the Contreerie

October 15, 2007   Back early from my fall break, I might be the only person on campus. But I've been making the most of my time here alone.  More ...