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Trivia Night: An Insider's Perspective

February 17, 2008   Long had I heard whispers of the mystical experience, but having just turned 21, Tuesday night was my first venture into the campus’ favorite weekly cult meeting: Pub Trivia Night.  More ...

The Carolina Chocolate Drops

February 1, 2008   Tonight, in Clinton, the CCDs are playing a sold-out show at the Kirkland Art Center. Luckily for me, I got a chance to hear them up-close and personal in a free, live performance for about 35 people earlier today.  More ...

Back! in Action

January 28, 2008   After 5 weeks, I'm ready to be back on campus. I'm already busy, but so it goes...  More ...

The Hill Card

December 10, 2007   All students recently received an email saying our new "Hill Card" system is going to be fully functional by the time we get back after winter break. I'm not exactly sure what our new Hill Cards will be able to do by the end of the semester, but I think I can give you a pretty accurate prediction.  More ...

Finals Week

December 9, 2007   A lot of sweatpants, Opus coffee, and highlighters pervade campus. Library desks and Science Center rooms are increasingly difficult to come by for studying. Elvis' Christmas Album is set to shuffle on MacBooks everywhere. Everyone is gearing up for another exciting week of final exams...  More ...