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D-Day for the winter/spring semester

January 16, 2012   

First day of classes — not the first day of cold weather, not the last day of cold weather — always a comforting return to Hamilton.

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One week before the new semester

January 9, 2012   

After waiting hundreds of tables for a few weeks, I'm done working and looking forward to relaxing for a week preceding the spring semester.

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The brilliant whims of winter break

December 27, 2011   

Happy holidays! Winter break is a time to get back to your roots and reflect on what's changed since you left home.

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Victory Lap

December 15, 2011   

Finals are over, and I'm going home to Texas for the break. Finishing feels so good, but I'm going to miss this place for the month I'm gone.

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We shall overcome

December 10, 2011   

I have three exams on the same day: Wednesday. To be honest though, that is just fine.

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