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Sharon Rippey

Kirkland Archives, Media and Publications

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About the Committee

Between October 2008 and October 2009, members of the Kirkland Archives, Media, and Publications (AMP) subcommittee gathered to develop their mission.


For an initial meeting in Hamilton's Burke Library, Kirkland alumnae were joined by Professors John O'Neill and Maurice Isserman, Mary O'Neill, Hamilton Archivist Katherine Collett, current Hamilton students, and other interested staff members. Collett detailed items currently housed in the Kirkland Archives, and discussion centered around how to best conserve and share our legacy.

A planning meeting was held in Washington, D.C., and our strategic plan was hammered out. Potential projects were brainstormed and ongoing projects were brought into sharper focus.

The off-campus meeting was followed by a second meeting on the Hill Oct. 3, 2009, during Fallcoming Weekend. Members of AMP shared the strategic plan, displayed proposed web pages for the online exhibit on Kirkland history, and presented an exciting array of ongoing multimedia projects. Hamilton Trustee Susan Skerritt K'77, Penny Watras Dana K'78, and Hamilton's Alumni Council President Julie Ross H'84 were among those in attendance and expressing enthusiasm for the body of projects, which are intended to preserve and protect our legacy and culture.

Kirkland Oral History Project: The Apple Corps

  • Collect and preserve interviews with former Kirkland faculty, administrators, and alumnae, including oral histories deposited with Barnard College during the late 1970s
  • Kirkland Archives Project
  • With the aid of Hamilton College Archivist Katherine Collett, properly identify and catalog existing materials, and initiate improved storage and preservation methodologies
  • Gather additional Kirkland papers and specific memorabilia to augment the permanent collection
  • Create exhibits using selected imagery, multimedia projects, and documents
  • Kirkland Exhibitions
  • Launch a periodic (quarterly) online exhibit as well as occasional on-campus exhibits. Proposed virtual exhibits include the following topics:
    diploma designs/selection
    the Kirkland seal and the origin of Kirkland green
    Kirkland architecture
    Coffee House – music, governance, philosophy
    origin of the Keehn Co-op and art co-op
    Publications: Particulars, Kirkland Matters
    Choral groups (such as Special K)
  • Work alongside Hamilton's College Bicentennial Committee to produce feature stories, profiles, and digital exhibits of Kirkland's history in the two years leading up to Hamilton's 2012 Bicentennial, coinciding with the 40th anniversary of Kirkland's first graduating class
  • Consider creation of a public access website

Kirkland Publications: Lost Orchard

Kirkland alumnae, faculty, administration, and staff submitted original creative work for an anthology, Lost Orchard: Prose and Poetry from the Kirkland College Community, which is being complied by Jo Pitkin at kirkland@bestweb.net.