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Our Traditions: Admission Letters

For hundreds of women in the 1970s, it all began with a YES. . .

When the long-sought acceptance letter from Kirkland College arrived, a large, black, Gothic-script, capitalized YES announced the affirmative decision. YES – printed on a separate slip of paper – peeked through the sealed envelope and clearly revealed the contents to eager high school seniors.

YES boldly announced something else – how things were done differently at Kirkland. Rather than simply mailing out a standard acceptance letter, Kirkland shouted one jubilant word before the translucent linen envelope could be peeled open. That YES captured our curiosity, symbolized our excitement, and generated enthusiasm that permeated every aspect of life at Kirkland College.

YES. . .our adventure was about to begin.

story by Jo Pitkin K '78 and Judy Silverstein Gray K '78