Kirkland Alumnae

Sharon Rippey

Committee for Kirkland College

Spring 2008 Update

Dear Alumnae,

In the months since we last wrote, the Committee for Kirkland College has continued to brainstorm and move forward on many Kirkland issues.  Here is a recap of what we've been up to:

On April 6, we hosted a brunch on campus to kick off Womyn's Energy Week.  Kirkland women began this event in 1977.  Our goal for the brunch was to lay the groundwork for the on-campus Kirkland presence we want to establish. More...

The Committee for Kirkland College now has 45 members and has identified three key initiatives.

Hamilton is greatly upgrading the Kirkland physical plant.  More...

Our Committee members see Kirkland entering a renaissance.
  The momentum from our 2007 Reunion continues.  It is clear to us that our plans are much closer to becoming reality because of the support of the Hamilton administration, alumni and Trustees. 

Kirkland Giving Initiatives
It is equally clear to those of us working to create a living Kirkland legacy that our momentum will be even greater if we show our support of Hamilton by increasing our financial contributions.  

We understand that many of you will only be comfortable supporting a Kirkland-specific initiative. For those of you who are comfortable supporting Hamilton in a more direct way, please consider the Annual Fund.  More...

Staying in touch:
If you would like to join the Committee for Kirkland College or work with any of the three initiative teams, please send us an email.   We have two dedicated Kirkland Liaisons in the Hamilton alumni office: Sharon Rippey, Director, Alumni Relations (srippey@hamilton.edu) for events, web space and communications; and Erika Klar, Associate Director, Annual Giving and Director, Reunion Giving (eklar@hamilton.edu) to support our philanthropic activities.

We believe we can finally make a difference for Kirkland, today, and thank you for your continued support.  Please contact us if you have questions. 

Best regards,

Penny Watras Dana, K'78

Joanne Papanek Orlando, K'74

P.S.  While we had a grand celebration last year at our All-Kirkland Reunion, do consider coming to the Hill for Reunions '08, June 6-8.  The Weekend has events for all attendees, including those specially planned for the Reunion years of 1973 and 1978.