Kirkland Endowment

Vivyan Adair, Chair

About the Kirkland Endowment

Charter establishing Kirkland Endowment (May 12, 1978)

Upon the dissolution of Kirkland College in 1978, a resolution was approved transferring Kirkland’s endowment to Hamilton College on the following terms:

  • The Kirkland Endowment shall be collectively referred to by Hamilton as the Kirkland Endowment;
  • The restrictions placed on the time or purpose of use of each fund by its original donor or donors shall be honored;
  • The Kirkland Endowment shall be used to support women and their needs and interests at Hamilton;
  • There shall be an Advisory Committee for the Kirkland Endowment (“Advisory Committee’) which shall adopt policies and procedures to assure that the restrictions set forth in the above two paragraphs are observed and shall from time to time recommend any and all specific uses to be made of funds comprising the Kirkland Endowment to the Board of Trustees of Hamilton.