Kirkland Endowment

Vivyan Adair, Chair

Kirkland Essay Prize

The Kirkland Endowment Essay Prize in Interdisciplinary Studies

The Kirkland Endowment Essay Prize in Interdisciplinary Studies recognizes an outstanding genuinely interdisciplinary essay. Essays should be no more than 10 pages; they may be essays prepared for a class assignment, but students should submit clean, ungraded copies. The paper should be anonymous, with a cover sheet with the student’s name and email address.

Submit applications by Word attachment to an email Vivyan Adair, vadair@hamilton.edu

Application deadline: April, 2016

2015 & 2016 Recipient

"Kirkland Endowment Essay Prize" was awarded to Lauren Howe (14') for her superb essay entitled  "Past, Present and Future: The Effects of the Death of the Swift River Valley and the Birth of the Quabbin Reservoir on Local Residents" written at the intersection of her work in Environment Studies, Public Policy, Government, Women's Studies and International Relations. This years prize was unanimously awarded to Crystal Kim for her superb interdisciplinary essay entitled "The Fall and Rise and Fall again of the Haleminis: the Comfort Women Redress Movement."