Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center

Insights Journal
Volume 1, Number 1
Spring 2007


Letter from the Executive Editor
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Paul Gary Wyckoff
Curbing Medical Malpractice Costs: An Empirical Investigation across States
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Elizabeth Conway
A Durkheimian Explanation for Suicide Terrorism
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Philip Holdredge
Is the Trade of Electronic Waste Sacrificing the Environment for Economic Efficiency? China's Taizhou City
as a Case Study
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Yejun Qian
Reconciling Urban Spaces in post-Apartheid South Africa: Glimpses of Cape Town's "Liberated" Landscape
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Jessica Tepper
Following the Swami: Diaspora, Dialogue, and the Creation of a Hindu Identity in a Queens Community
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Drew Thomases
Importing Orange? Prospects for Belarusian Democratization
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Luke Forster