Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center

Arts Curriculum

Music 216 Conducting
The elements of conducting, including baton technique, aural perception, rehearsal techniques and score study (both instrumental and choral). Prerequisite, any 200-level full-credit music course. Concurrent participation in a college ensemble required. Offered every other year.
Leadership Skills Developed:  Active listening; Setting priorities and making decisions; Diagnosing problems; Setting objectives; Giving feedback

Theatre 303 Directing
Fundamentals of play direction and script analysis. Study of selected directors and directorial problems; the direction of exercise scenes; and direction of a final scene or one-act for public presentation. Prerequisite, two semesters of acting and two other courses in theatre or dramatic literature or consent of instructor. Latrell.
Leadership Skills Developed:  Taking responsibility; Setting objectives; Asking powerful questions; Envisioning outcomes