Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center

Levitt Center
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The Levitt Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 251.

Arts Curriculum

Music 216 Conducting
The elements of conducting, including baton technique, aural perception, rehearsal techniques and score study (both instrumental and choral). Prerequisite, any 200-level full-credit music course. Concurrent participation in a college ensemble required. Offered every other year.
Leadership Skills Developed:  Active listening; Setting priorities and making decisions; Diagnosing problems; Setting objectives; Giving feedback

Theatre 303 Directing
Fundamentals of play direction and script analysis. Study of selected directors and directorial problems; the direction of exercise scenes; and direction of a final scene or one-act for public presentation. Prerequisite, two semesters of acting and two other courses in theatre or dramatic literature or consent of instructor. Latrell.
Leadership Skills Developed:  Taking responsibility; Setting objectives; Asking powerful questions; Envisioning outcomes