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2012 Levitt Public Service Internship Grant Recipients

Elly Field ’13: The Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence

By Grace Fulop '13

This summer Elly Field ’13 worked for the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence as a Levitt Public Service Intern. The coalition works to implement policies that will improve Connecticut’s response to domestic violence. As an intern Field conducted literature reviews on risk factors of expanding domestic violence, and created survey questions for member agencies.

Field said that she enjoyed working on a variety of projects for the agency, in particular because she found it interesting to see all the different aspects of domestic violence work that the organization does. For example, one of Field’s projects was to analyze the criminal sentencing of men and women who killed their inmate partners. She also worked on creating a survey and interview questions for member agencies in order to get their input on a new statewide plan to prevent domestic violence. “This was a very interesting project that is looking to create a 5 year plan to focus on primary prevention of violence,” said Field.

Field’s internship allowed her to capitalize on her skills and interests in the field of research, as her duties went beyond qualitative research. Her experience as a Levitt Public Service Intern was important for her because it solidified her interest in public service. In the future she hopes to conduct research that will “increase our knowledge and allow us to help problems such as domestic violence.”