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2012 Levitt Public Service Internship Grant Recipients

Erin Sullivan ’13: Institute for Immigrant Concerns

By Grace Fulop '13

As a result of her Levitt Public Service Internship, Erin Sullivan ’13 developed an interest in teaching English. Sullivan worked at the Institute for Immigrant Concerns in New York City; the organization serves the immigrant and refugee population by providing ESOL instruction, referrals for social services, and employment preparation and placement.

Sullivan led a variety of ESOL classes, and with the support of staff members was able to modify the curriculum to fit the needs and interests of her students.  Sullivan noted: “Leading a class for the first time has been challenging, but I'm also really enjoying it and hope to get another chance like this one soon.” She also helped with planning lessons, assisting the office administrative assistant, and tutored students privately in addition to her teaching responsibilities.

“I had a lot of support from the Institute’s other teachers, who have been teaching for many years and are full of ideas for how to break up a lesson and communicate with students,” said Sullivan. Sullivan got the chance to contribute some of her own ideas, such as incorporating music into her lessons in order to keep class interesting.

Sullivan was grateful to receive the opportunity to work with the Institute for Immigrant Concerns. She enjoyed her experience teaching so much that she hopes to pursue similar opportunities in the future.