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The Levitt Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 251.

Levitt Leadership Initiative

Leadership Across the Curriculum

Hamilton’s liberal arts curriculum provides students with the intellectual tools and keen judgment to succeed in any career or field of graduate study.  Students who aim to engage the world as leaders in their particular field of endeavor may be interested in the courses listed below.  The professors for these classes provide students with an opportunity to learn and apply specific skills that are valuable for effective leadership.  

If you are interested in having your class listed as a Leadership course, please email Julio Videras at jvideras@hamilton.edu

Social Sciences >>

Economics 265 Economic Statistics
Economics 346 Monetary Policy
Economics 365 Economic Analysis of American History
Government 112 Comparative Politics
Government 241 Survey of Constitutional Law
Government 311W Transitions to Democracy


Sciences >>

Biology 222 Anatomy and Histology
Biology 333 Vertebrate Development
Chemistry 125 Principles of Chemistry in the Context of Health and Environmental Chemistry
Environmental Studies 150 Environmental Science

Humanities >>

English 129 Truth and Justice, the American Way
German Studies 130 Third-Term German
Hispanic Studies 200W Exploring Hispanic Texts
Philosophy 100 Critical Thinking
Philosophy 200 Critical Reasoning
Russian Studies 169 Dreams, Visions and Nightmares: Introduction to Russian Film

Arts >>

Music 216 Conducting
Theatre 303 Directing