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2012 Levitt Public Service Internship Grant Recipients

Nicholas Solano '14: Assistant District Attorney Charlie Bartoloni, for the Suffolk County District Attorney in Boston, Massachusetts

By Grace Fulop '13

Nicholas Solano ‘14 obtained valuable career related experience this summer through his Levitt Public Service Internship. Solano intends to pursue a law degree, and spent his summer as an intern for Assistant District Attorney Charlie Bartoloni of the Suffolk Country District in Boston, MA.  Solano reported daily court proceedings to Bartoloni, researched prisoner histories, and wrote parole summaries and memorandums that were used during parole hearings.

Solano says that researching inmates’ background was his favorite part of his work, because it allowed him to immerse himself in an inmate's complete history, determine the pertinent information, and present the case in an effective manner.

Solano was interested in pursuing a career in public service before he began his internship, but learned many new things by working for Bartoloni. “My work exposed me to a crucial component of society: how the government strives to maintain order and provide a safe environment for its citizens,” said Solano. “On the other hand, however, I have also learned about compassion and how we must with criminals in an appropriate manner,” he added. “Most of the time, offenders are merely a product of their environment; they were not given the same societal privileges that we as Hamilton students enjoy.  As a result, it is more likely that they might fall into crime. It is important to take this into consideration when dealing with defendants, and helps us to appreciate our own social standings.”

Besides his hands-on work, Solano also had the opportunity to observe trials and learn from both prosecutors and defense attorneys. Because he was in court every day, he was able to build a rapport with many of the attorneys, who he says were “often eager to explain cases or legal concepts to us.”  Solano also observed high-profile cases, including a gang-related murder and mob boss trial.  “With the combination of hands-on work, knowledgeable supervisors and attorneys, and trial observations, I am gaining invaluable insight into the fascinating world of criminal law,” said Solano.

Solano was grateful to receive the opportunity to get a sense of what it means to be a public servant. “I believe that someday, in some capacity, I will work as a government prosecutor,” he reported.