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Levitt Center
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The Levitt Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 251.

Levitt Leadership Institute Schedule


Week 1 – January 8-13, 2012

  • Learn about those aspects of yourself that affect your personal leadership
  • Develop and practice personal leadership skills
  • Understand how teams and team leadership work
  • Apply lessons and skills to interviews with Utica area leaders
  • Apply personal leadership skills to team challenge executed in Week 2

  • Personal Journal: “Autobiography”
  • Self-awareness instruments: Emotional Intelligence Instrument, MBTI and Thomas Kilhman Conflict Style Instrument
  • Readings (to be confirmed):
    The Everything Leadership Book (2nd. Ed)
    “What Makes a Leader” by Daniel Goleman (HBR article)
    “In Praise of Followers” by Robert Kelley (HBR article)

Sunday, January 8
  • Welcoming reception

Monday, January 9
  • What Is Leadership? – Small and large group discussions
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership – Individual work and group discussion
  • Teamwork and Leadership – Small team initiatives
  • Evening: MBTI - Type preferences and teamwork

Tuesday, January 10
  • Understanding Type Temperaments – Exercises and discussion
  • Teamwork and Leadership – Team initiatives and group problem-solving
  • Evening: Film “Pray the Devil Back to Hell”

Wednesday, January 11
  • Communications, Teamwork and Leadership – Discussion and exercises
  • Communication Skills Practice
  • Interview Skills Practice - Prep for interviews with Utica-area leaders
  • Evening: Guest Speaker

Thursday, January 12
  • Interview Local Leaders – Paired interviews, group debrief
  • Conflict and Collaboration Preferences – Individual exercises and discussion
  • Collaboration Skills Practice – Small team initiatives
  • Evening: Large team challenge

Friday, January 13
  • Week 1 Leadership Lessons and Reflections – Individual exercises and discussion
  • Leadership and Team Skills Application: Design of a half-day activity in Week 2 with a Washington-area leader
  • Evening reception with President Stewart and local leaders

Week 2 – March 11-16, 2012

  • Understand how people practice leadership at the national level of public service
  • Execute and assess team challenges
  • Apply lessons learned to your own situation
  • Plan leadership legacy: to make a positive and measurable difference within the next two years for the benefit of a selected community

  • Work in one of four teams to provide all participants one half-day of leadership activities within a key Washington community (executive, legislative, judicial branches of government, private or non-profit sectors) during Week 2.
  • Personal Journal: “Development” and “Challenge.”
  • Readings:
    Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis
    Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts
    “Millennials, A Portrait of Generation Next” by Pew Research Center
    U.S. Naval Academy 2011 Commencement Address by Defense Secretary William Gates
    Readings selected by teams (tbd)

Sunday, March 11
  • Reception

Monday, March 12
  • Public Sector Leadership Practices: Past, Present, Future - Discussion
  • How Washington Works – Group and panel discussions
  • Team Briefings of Week 2 Leadership Activities – Presentations and discussion

Tuesday, March 13
  • Team Execution of Leadership Activities with Washington communities A and B.

Wednesday, March 14
  • Team Execution of Leadership Activities with Washington communities C and D

Thursday, March 15
  • Washington Leadership Lessons and Insights – Group work and discussion
  • What Leadership Means – Personal reflections and intentions
  • Small Team Initiatives - Practice creative display of lessons learned from Weeks 1 and 2.

Friday, March 16
  • Wrap-up Observations and Lessons Learned - Discussion
  • Leadership Legacies – Team initiative: to create a positive and measurable change either individually or in teams, for the benefit of a selected community within the next two years.
  • Leadership Lessons on Display - Team presentations
  • Levitt Leadership Next Steps – Mentoring discussion
  • Certificate of Commitment – Closing ceremony