Project SHINE

Levitt Center
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The Levitt Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 251.

Faculty & Courses

Fall 2014

 Professor Barbara Britt-Hysell
 Coordinator of the ESOL Program
 EDUC 201: Methods of Tutoring English to Students of Other Languages



 Professor Anat Guez
 Lecturer in Critical Languages
 CLNG 107: First Term Hebrew



 Professor Mireille Koukjian
 Visiting Instructor in Critical Languages
 CLNG 115: First Term Arabic


 Professor Omobolaji Olarinmoye
 Visiting Assistant Professor of Government
 GOVT 112: Comparative Politics



Doran LarsonProfessor Doran Larson
Professor of English and Creative Writing
Writting on the Wall: 20th Century American Prison Writing



Steven YaoProfessor Steve Yao
Edmund A. LaFerve Professor of English
Literature and/of Empowerment



Professor Steve Orvis
Professor of Government
WRITG 114W01: Writing Diversity in America



Past Courses:

American Studies Department

Professor Steve Yao
Professor of English
AMST 301: Intro to Asian American Studies (Fall 2007)

Anthropology Department

Professor Chaise LaDousa
Associate Professor of Anthropology 
ANTHR 113: Cultural Anthropology
ANTHR 114: Fieldwork & Ethnography (Spring 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2012)
ANTHR 264: Ethnography of Literacy and Visual Language (Fall 2012)
ANTHR/EDUC 311: Youth and Cultural Reproduction (Fall 2012)

Asian Studies Department

Professor Diane Fox
Former Postdoctoral Fellow in Asian Studies
ASNST 208W-01: Intro to Vietnamese Literature (2005)

Professor Bonnie Urciuoli
Professor of Anthropology
U.S. Discourses: Race and Class (2005)

Communications Department

Professor John Adams
Former Visiting Professor of Communication
Communication Theory (2006)
Argumentation and Advocacy (2006)

Professor Susan Mason
Director, Education Studies Program & Director, OCC
ORCOM 200-01: Essential Instructional Models (2005)

East Asian Languages and Literature Department

Professor Hong Gang Jin
William R. Kenan Professor of Chinese and Director of Associated Colleges in China Program
HSPST/CHNSE/EDUC 259: Second/Foreign Language Development and Learning Strategies

Education Department

Professor Barbara Britt-Hysell
Coordinator of the ESOL Program
EDUC 301: Teaching English to ESOL Students (Spring 2008-13)
EDUC 201: Methods Tutoring ESOL Students (Fall 2007-13)

Professor Masaaki Kamiya
Associate Professor of Japanese
ANTHR/EDUC 219: Pragmatics and Language Acquisition (Fall 2012-13)

English & Creative Writing Departments

Professor Patricia O'Neill
Edmund A. LeFevre Professor of English
ENGL 126: Children of the Empire (Spring 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2012)
SOPH 200-08: Globalization and Cinema (Fall, Spring 2005)

Professor Doran Larson
Professor of English and Creative Writing
ENCRW 215: Intro to Creative Writing (Fall 2007)
ENG 218: Literatures of Witness (Fall 2012)
ENG 342: 20th Century American Prison Writing (Fall 2012)

Professor Tina Hall
Associate Professor of English
ENCRW 305: Intermediate Creative Writing/Fiction (Fall 2007)

Government Department

Professor Sharon Rivera
Associate Professor of Government
RSNST 100: Intro to Russia, Autocracy and Reform (Spring 2008)
GOVT 213: Politics in Russia (Fall 2007)

Judy Owens-Manley
Former Associate Director for Community Research and Lecturer in Government
GOVT 202: Immigrants & Refugees in the U.S. (Spring 2008)

Philosophy Department

Professor Chris Willemsen
Former Adjunct Professor of Philosophy
Globalization & Democracy (2007)

Professor Richard Werner
John Stewart Kennedy Professor of Philosophy 
Theory and Practice of Non-violence (Spring 2007, 2005)
Globalization & Democracy (Spring 2007)
Contemporary Moral Issues (Fall 2006)

Psychology Department

Professor David Steitz
Former Visiting Professor of Psychology
PSYCH 212-01: Adulthood and Aging (2005)

Religious Studies Department

Professor Brent Plate
Visiting Associate Professor of Religious Studies
RELST 329: Religion in the United States

Russian Studies Department

Professor John Bartle 
Associate Professor of Russian
Russian Studies (2006)

Women's Studies Department:

Professor Joyce Barry 
Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies
WMNST 101W-02: Intro to Women's Studies (2009)

Professor Margaret Gentry 
Professor of Women's Studies
WMNST 101W: Intro to Women's Studies (2007, 2008, 2009)

Professor Marla Jaksch
Former Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies
WMNST 101W: Intro to Women's Studies (2007, 2008, 2009)

Professor Anne Lacsamana
Associate Professor of Women's Studies
WMNST 101W: Intro to Women's Studies (2007-13)

WMNST 203: Women and War (Spring 2006)

Professor Vivyan Adair 
The Elizabeth J. McCormack Associate Professor of Women's Studies
WMNST 101W: Intro to Women's Studies (2005, 2009)

Professor Danielle DeMuth
Former Visiting Assistant Professor of Women's Studies
WMNST 101W: Intro to Women's Studies (2005)