Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center

Levitt Center
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The Levitt Center is located in Kirner-Johnson 251.

2013 Levitt Summer Research Groups

Religious Spaces in Transition
Hannah O'Connell '14 and Alison Ritacco '14 with Brent Plate, Visiting Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Robert Knight, Assistant Professor of Art

Community Development Successes and Failures in Small Cities
Samantha Sherman '15, Timothy Cowan '15, and Kelly Osterling '15 with Ann Owen, the Henry Platt Bristol Professor of Public Policy

BRICKS: An Intersection of Community and Architecture
Katherine Delesalle '14, Lizzie Buchanan '15 and Allison Schuette '16 with Visiting Assistant Professor of Theatre Andrew Holland and Professor of Theatre Carole Bellini-Sharp

Solar-powered Evaporation-condensation Device for Alternative Energy
Zachary Pilson '16, Andy Chen '16, and John McGuinnis '16 with Associate Professor of Geosciences Todd Rayne

Interdisciplinary Research on the Impact of Lead Exposure
Shea Nagle '16, Ben Ligas '14, Nicole LaBarge '15, Scott Pillette '14, and Sally Bourdon '15 with Professor of Biology Herman Lehman, Associate Professor of Geosciences Dave Bailey, Associate Professor of Geosciences Todd Rayne, and Philip Klinker, the James S. Sherman Professor of Government.