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Student Research Fellows 2002

Chris  Fogelstrom and Jiang (Jimmy) Li (photos below), who were Levitt Fellows in summer 2002, recently presented the results of their senior research projects to economics faculty and students in the KJ Red Pit.

Chris Fogelstrom '03 describes usage of smartcards, a form of electronic money

Jiang (Jimmy) Li '03 details data resulting from his research comparing the economic growth of various cities in China

Arlette Barahona, Li Qi, Christopher Fogelstrom, Jiang Li and Cameron Johnson were the Levitt Fellows chosen in 2002.

The students were chosen in a competitive process. Each applicant wrote a proposal regarding current public affairs and was required to seek a faculty sponsor to direct a 10-week summer project. Those selected for the program are required to provide a written assessment of their work at the completion of the summer. In addition, they are required to give a public presentation of their research findings to the Hamilton community in the fall semester.

Li Qi, (pictured below) an economics and government double major, worked with Professor of Government Cheng Li on a project titled "Applying Education Abroad to Promote Democracy at Home: Chinese Returnees from the U.S. and Political Reform in China."

Arlette Barahona, a philosophy and theatre double major, worked with John Stewart Kennedy Professor of Philosophy Richard Werner on a project titled "A Schizophrenic and Her Community"

Christopher Fogelstrom, an economics major, worked with Assistant Professor of Economics Ann Owens on a project titled "A Policy-based Look at the Demographic Characteristics of E-cash Users."

Cameron Johnson, a classics and religious studies double major, worked with Maynard-Knox Professor of Government and Law Frank Anechiarico and Edward North Professor of Classics Carl Rubino on a project titled "How Does the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees Perform the Traditional Function of Teaching the Laws and Virtues of American Democracy?"

Jiang Li, an economics and mathematics double major, worked with the Irma M. and Robert D. Morris Professor of Economics Derek Jones on a project titled "Determinants and Effects of Economic Growth in China?s Cities."