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Levitt Summer Research Fellowships 2004


Chris Bordoni, Prof. Julio Videras (Economics)
"Violations and Enforcement of Environmental Regulation in New York State"

Christopher G. Takacs, Prof. Daniel Chambliss (Sociology)
"Dissolving Distinctions between Public and Private Spaces and Identities among the African-American Urban Underclass" More...

Svetoslav Derderyan, Prof. Alan Cafruny (Government)
"European Enlargement and the Futue of European Foreign Policy"

Yin Tian, Prof. Cheng Li (Government)
"Wal-Mart in China: The Gigantic U.S. Corporation's Expansion Ruins China's Labor Market" More...

Danielle Levine, Prof. Steve Orvis (Government)
"Economic Liberalization and the Effect on Kenya's Agrarian Economy"

Qi Ge, Prof. Steven Wu (Economics)
"Why Uninsured? An Analysis of Behavioral Factors in Predicting Health Insurance Coverage"

Alexis Buscaglia, Prof. Alan Cafruny (Government)
"The Probable Effects of the Pending European Constitution on France"

Jonathan Rick, Prof. Yael Aronoff (Government)
"Does the War in Iraq Have Sufficient Justification?"



Community and Research Service Fellowships, Summer 2004


During the Summer of 2004, three students were awarded Community Service Fellowships:  Anna Arnold, to work on a Community Foundation summer fellowship; Joshua Bruff, to work with Communities That Care; and Ernesto Medina, to work on the Hope VI project.  The Levitt Center also funded an additional grant that allowed Ricky Reichenbach to assist with the Hope VI project.

Communities That Care - Joshua Bruff

Communities That Care (CTC) is a network of over forty public and private agencies working together to better provide services and support to the people of Oneida County. 


Hope VI - Ernesto Medina, assisted by  Richard Reichenbach

Hope VI, a project funded by an 11.5 million dollar HUD grant to the Utica Municipal Housing Authority, will provide better housing opportunities for residents of Utica's deteriorating Washington Courts public housing development. 


Community Foundation - Anna C. Arnold     Anna has been named the 2004 Summer Fellow for Evaluation at the Community Foundation of Herkimer & Oneida Counties, Inc. Anna (right) is interviewing Judith Owens-Manley, Associate Director for Community Research in the Levitt Center, about a grant made by the Community Foundation in 2002 for a Community Resource Assessment