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Think Tank: What are behind those equal profile pictures on Facebook?

By Amy Song '16

Ada Horne, Louisa Root, and Professor Piesche led an eye-opening discussion. They all agreed that the success of same-sex marriage movement has been brilliant. But will focusing on a single, major piece of legislation have a powerful impact on the whole? Members of the HRC, the main proponent, are predominantly white, male and affluent and fit into “norms” aside from sexuality. In other words, they do not threaten gender and social “norms” quite as much. The speakers argued that the focus should be in trying to break the "normative" institutions and ideas that limit society - namely marriage. “Marriage” looms over straight couples as state legislation seems to suggest that being married is the only way to attain the benefits that same-sex couples seek to gain. A member of the audience raised the question of whether the legislation would not be a good stepping stone for the LGBT movement as a whole. Professor Piesche pointed out that Loving v. Virginia may have legalized interracial marriage but did not end racism.