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Think Tank: Should Alexander Hamilton be your role model?

By Amy Song '16

Should Alexander Hamilton be your role model? Professor Frank Anechiarico answered with a definite “yes”.  Hamilton lived his life with intensity, drive and burning ambition, second to none. Although he was born to a poor and broken family, he was working for, and occasionally running, a major trading company by the age of sixteen. There was little in politics he did not touch; his contributions ranged from the Constitution to foreign policy to the military.  As Professor Anechiarico stated, “we really live in Hamiton’s country.” He was practical and wise enough to compromise on the Constitution when needed and passionate enough to give four to five speeches a day to sway New York to ratify it. He was so knowledgeable and focused that he could write one meticulous Federalist paper after the other. Our namesake is definitely a good role model.