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The 1812 Garden

The reconstruction of an early-19th c. kitchen garden on the campus of Hamilton College is the "laboratory" project of College Seminar 235 " Food for Thought: The Science, Culture, and Politics of Food". "The "founding" garden, planted on May 14, 2008, is the result of the research endeavors of the Spring 08 seminar sections, taught by Prof. David Gapp (Biology) and Prof. Franklin Sciacca (Russian Studies). "The 1812 Garden" also functions as one of the activities organized in celebration of the upcoming bicentennial of the College in 2012.

Hamilton College Climate Change and Environmental Issues Youth Poll

Hamilton Economics Assistant Professor Julio Videras and his students collaborated with the polling firm Zogby International to conduct the poll of the nation's youth. Nine hundred high-school sophomores, juniors, and seniors from across the U.S. were contacted by phone in November 2006. According to the national survey, most American high school students don't adequately understand the issue of global climate change, despite increasing emphasis at school and in the media.  

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