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At Hamilton

The HILLgroup collaborates with faculty, students, and others to develop sound academic scholarship and effective communication by incorporating information and technology resources into teaching, learning, and research.

Digital Humanities initiative
The Digital Humanities initiative (DHi) at Hamilton College is a collaboratory - digital parlance for a research and teaching collaboration - where new media and computing technologies are used to promote humanities-based teaching, research, and scholarship across the liberal arts.

Academic Resource Centers


Beyond Hamilton

ConnectNY is a consortium of 18 colleges and universities in New York State with a shared catalog of over five million titles. Hamilton College students, faculty, and staff may request materials that we either don't own or are currently checked out using the ConnectNY catalog.

New York Six
Established with the support of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the New York Six Liberal Arts Consortium facilitates collaboration among its member institutions in fulfilling their educational missions and serving the public good. Through the sharing of expertise and resources, the Consortium enhances options for students, faculty, and staff, while reducing colleges' individual and collective operating and capital costs.

Oberlin Group
The Oberlin Group is an organization comprised of selective, top-ranked liberal arts colleges in the United States. The groups primary purpose is to provide a forum for member directors and staff to discuss issues of common concern, to share accomplishments and information on best practices in library operations and services, and to help members anticipate and adapt to the challenges of college library administration and liberal arts education.