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August 16, 2013

Have you tried Quick Search? It’s a tool that allows you to look for information across multiple databases and library catalogs in just one search.

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Read the Chronicle of Higher Education from Anywhere--on Any Device

August 14, 2013

Interested in reading the Chronicle of Higher Education but frustrated you can’t access all of the articles?  You’re in luck! Burke Library subscribes to "domain access" to the Chronicle. This means that everyone at Hamilton can access all Chronicle.com content (both free and premium) from virtually anywhere.  

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Apple & Quill: Creative Arts at Burke

August 12, 2013

Burke Library is pleased to introduce Apple & Quill, a new creative arts series focusing on creative writing, music, and the visual arts. With support from Hamilton’s Digital Humanities Initiative (DHi), this series will be recorded and archived for future teaching and research opportunities. This fall, the series will feature students and faculty from Hamilton’s own creative writing community.

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Class of 2017: Meet Your Personal Librarian

August 12, 2013

Burke Library’s “Your Personal Librarian” (YPL) program provides students with a direct and personal link to the library.  Personal Librarians provide tailored research assistance, offer support with databases and other resources, workshops, and more.


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New Faces at Burke

August 9, 2013

The most visible change over the summer has been the replacement of the famous 1970s “orange” carpet on the first two floors of the library (the third floor was replaced two years ago).  But the most important changes are in leadership!

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Faculty: Submit Your Reserve Requests

August 2, 2013

The Circulation staff are eager to commence processing the 1,500 - 2,000 reserves requests that will come to them this semester. To ensure your reserves are ready for your students when they need them, please submit your requests as soon as possible.

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Early English Books Online Added to Library's Collections

July 29, 2013

Burke Library is excited to announce a new addition to our database collection, Early English Books Online (EEBO).  Covering the years 1473-1700, EEBO includes digital reproductions of works produced by a printing press in England and its colonies, along with works in English printed elsewhere.

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Web of Science: Now Including Books and Conference Proceedings

July 8, 2013

The powerful citation indexing tool, Web of Science, has expanded to include books and conference proceedings. Web of Science can be used to find out who’s been citing a particular author’s work and discover important research on a theory or subject.

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Christian Goodwillie
Christian Goodwillie

Goodwillie Publishes Writings by Shaker Apostates and Anti-Shakers

July 5, 2013

Christian Goodwillie, director and curator of Special Collections and Archives in Burke Library, recently published Writings of Shaker Apostates and Anti-Shakers, 1782–1850. The three-volume set was issued by Pickering and Chatto. It contains 38 separate texts.

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Exhibit Celebrates Diderot

June 1, 2013

In 1747 Denis Diderot and and his co-editor, Jean D’Alembert, redirected their efforts from the translation of Ephraim Chamber’s Cyclopaedia—a prior attempt at capturing universal knowledge—and focused on the compilation of a new work intended to collect all human knowledge: the Encyclopédie. The resulting work was published in twenty-eight volumes beginning in 1751 and ending in 1772. It stands as a monument of Enlightenment thought. This display of Hamilton College’s copy of the Encyclopédie honors the 300th anniversary of Diderot’s birth at Langres, France, on October 5, 1713.

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