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Faculty eBook of the Week - Episcopal Power and Ecclesiastical Reform in the German Empire by John Eldevik

By Lynn Mayo

October 28, 2013

Episcopal Power and Ecclesiastical Reform in the German Empire: Tithes, Lordship and Community, 950-1150 by John Eldevik. (Cambridge University Press, 2012)

One reviewer writes that through the use of a variety of sources such as sermons, canons, etc. "Eldevik provides a concise and stimulating history of tithes in early-medieval Europe" to trace the development of the ecclesiastical tithe from its origins as a voluntary pious offering to its imposition as a compulsory tax. The same reviewer pronounces his work "a highly valuable contribution to ongoing attempts to reconsider the history of eleventh-century ecclesiastical reform within the broader transformation of European societies over the central Middle Ages."
-- Maureen C. Miller, University of California, Berkeley

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