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Faculty Recognition Showcase

By Beth Bohstedt

December 4, 2013

The recognition plaques for faculty teaching and scholarship awards have been housed in the Burke Library for many years. They were scattered around the first floor in a way that made them difficult to find.  As part of the renovations that were done to the first floor this past summer, we have moved them to the area adjacent to the current periodicals to make the awards more visible to members of our community and visitors.

As we rethink the Library as "place" we are recognizing the accomplishments of our faculty and students.  As many of you know, this fall the Apple and Quill event have provided a venue for faculty and students to present their poetry and writing. The Humanities lectures/lunches are held monthly in the Library and we regularly exhibit student artwork. A continuing exhibit focuses on faculty and alumni monograph publications, both in print and electronic formats.

Please visit the library and help celebrate our academic program.

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