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January Admitted Students Will Meet Personal Librarians

By Glynis Asu

December 13, 2013

On January 20th, new students will have an opportunity to meet with their personal librarians for the "inside track" on library services and research support.

Burke Library’s “Your Personal Librarian” (YPL) program provides students with a direct and personal link to the library. Personal Librarians provide tailored research assistance, offer support with databases and other resources, workshops, and more. First-year students are assigned to a librarian at the beginning of each fall semester, in collaboration with first-year faculty advisement.
Personal Librarians can provide:

  •  A low stress, inviting environment to learn about scholarly research and library services.
  • An opportunity to ask questions outside of the classroom, with regard to assignments and resources.
  • The inside track for successful research & information skills in support of curricular or extra-curricular interests.
  • One librarian who is particularly dedicated to a student's academic success, throughout the four years at Hamilton.

Questions about the YPL program? Please contact Glynis Asu, Research and Instructional Support Librarian, at 315-859-4482.

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