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By Lynn Mayo

October 24, 2014

Interested in reading the Chronicle of Higher Education but frustrated you can’t access all of the articles? You’re in luck! Burke Library subscribes to campus wide access to the Chronicle. This means that everyone at Hamilton can access all Chronicle.com content (both free and premium) from virtually anywhere. The only requirement is that you create a free Chronicle account using your Hamilton email address. All premium content can be accessed by signing in to your account.

Using the iPad? Simply download the iPad app and log in to your Chronicle account using your @Hamilton.edu email address. New issues will be delivered automatically to your iPad.

Using your Smart Phone, Computer, or Tablet? Simply go to Chronicle.com and log in to your Chronicle account using your @Hamilton.edu email address.  Tip: To avoid future login prompts check the box that reads, “Keep me logged in on this computer.”

Questions? Stop by the Research help desk, located in Burke Library, email askref@hamilton.edu, or call 315-859-4735.

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