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Video Recording of Campus Events

Department and Student Performances

Department or student productions can be videotaped if the following criteria are met:

  • If the presentation is an original work by a faculty member or student, and they sign a Individual Recording Release Form provided by AV Services.  Use the Group Recording Release Form if the presentation has more than one presenter
  • If the presentation is a copyrighted script and written permission is obtained in advance from the publisher or owner of the copyright. Some works which one might believe to be in the public domain may still carry a copyright for translation, stage direction or other modifications, and written permission is still necessary
  • If the presentation involves copyrighted music (such as a dance concert) and written permission is obtained from the music publisher or owner of the copyright. For information on obtaining permission from a publisher or copyright owner, see Seeking Permission to Use Copyrighted Materials


Lectures or performances presented by guests to the campus will be recorded if the guest signs a permission form, provided by AV Services, prior to the lecture or performance taking place. Permission must also be obtained from members of the Hamilton community (employees, students, alumni, trustees). By signing this video permission form, a speaker or performer is also certifying that any audiovisual materials (movie, PowerPoint, web page) are their own work or that they have obtained proper copyright clearances for displaying them.

Sporting Events

According to the rules of NESCAC and other athletic leagues in which Hamilton varsity teams compete, there are no restrictions placed on sporting events. A request must be placed prior to a game and must come from a member of the coaching staff.

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