Creating a Slideshow in iPhoto '11

Table of Contents

Adding Photos

To add photos to the iPhoto Library, click and drag the photo files from the Finder into the iPhoto window. You can drag single photo files, folder(s,) or entire volumes.

Dragging a folder to iPhoto


iPhoto Library with photos in it:


Editing Photos

To go into editing mode, double-click a photo, and then click the Edit button at the bottom. The edit view will appear.

The Edit Toolbar

Rotate – Each click of rotate turns the picture 90°. By default, it turns the image counterclockwise.
Enhance – Click to operate “One-Click Enhance.”
Fix Red-Eye – Red Eye reduction tool.
Straighten – A tool to straighten an image by zooming in slightly while rotating the image a
maximum of 10 degrees to the left or right.
Crop – Crops out a selected area.




Effects – Brings up the Effects window. Here you can make the image black and white, sepia toned, and make other adjustments.

Adjust - Brings up a window of color sliders to adjust the color levels in the photo






Click "Done" when finished editing.

Working with Albums

To create a new album either select “New Album” from the File menu, or click the Plus symbol on the lower left hand corner of the screen.



To add photos to an album, select the desired photos out of the photo library, and click and drag them to the album icon.

To delete a photo from a library, click on the photo, and then hit delete on the keyboard.
Alternatively, you can click and drag the photo over to the Trash under Recent on the left.


Creating a Slideshow

To create a new slideshow, create an album, and then select Slideshow from the lower icon bar
menu. Photos can be added and deleted from slideshows the same as an album.


The Slideshow Toolbar

When you select the Slideshow button, a preview of the slideshow using the program defaults will appear and begin running on the screen. Moving your mouse down to the bottom of the screen brings up your main menu for slideshow editing.

Left Arrow – Backtracks the slideshow to the previous image.
Pause Button – Pauses the slideshow.
Right Arrow – Advances through the slideshow to the next image.
Theme Browser – The two photos on top of each other icon. This allows the user to browse
through the various themes built into the iPhoto ’09 library.
Music Browser – The musical note icon. This allows the user to browse through the available
background music, or to select their own.
Settings Tool – Allows the user to adjust slideshow settings.
Exit – Returns the user to the iPhoto main page.

Theme Browser


Music Browser


Settings Tool




Exporting the Slideshow to QuickTime

To export the album as a QuickTime movie, select export from the File menu. Switch to the
QuickTime menu, then click Export. Choose a location to save the file to, and then click OK.

Export Movie Menu

Export Dialog Box




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