Ensemble Bulk Upload and Transcode Instructions

Jeremy Patterson, Jul 14 14:16:

I have finally been able to setup the Transcode Watch. Please see info below nad let me know if you have any questions. I ran two tests that worked, so I think you should be good to move forward.

1.) Create a new media workflow for the library (Administration – Media Workflows) then add the Watch Transcode (ProMedia). Make a note of the Folder Name (you will need this in step #3)

2.) Logon to ftp://ny6encoder.ensemblevideo.com. Username: FTP-HamiltonWatchTR Password: Obtain from Ensemble Admin.

3.) Create a new folder with the exact same name as the “Folder” name in step #1

Once that is complete you can FTP a video the that new folder created in step #3…which will encode and then transfer the finished file to the media workflow created in step #1, which will allow for playback from ensemble. You will have to repeat the steps above for each library you want to add a Watch Transcode workflow. I went through the process with Library-Archives just to test.

The files are encoded to the same settings as a Compress and Stream upload (MP4 (H.264)\-- 16x9 MP4 846kbps 640x360 29.97fps




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