Large Format Posters General Policies and Procedures

Poster Presentations and Large Format Printing

Hamilton's Multimedia Presentation Center (MPC) offers support for large format poster presentations for academic and scholarly use. Poster presentations are an effective way for students in all disciplines to demonstrate their knowledge using both traditional and visual elements. Faculty and students alike frequently use large format posters to present research at professional meetings and conferences. As instructional tools, posters can be used to present complex data in visual form.

The process of developing a pedagogically sound poster presentation requires careful planning and coordination with the MPC's Professional Support team and/or the HILLgroup. Courses in which all enrolled students will be expected to create a poster require advanced notice and include instruction from a member of ITSS,  ITS's Training Coordinator and/or Reference Librarians. Additionally, appointments are required for the final print using the MPC's equipment. Posters authored by faculty for classroom teaching aides and professional presentations usually require a 1-2 week notice to schedule an appointment. Additional time may be necessary if layout consultation and instruction are required.

We also offer full support for Microsoft PowerPoint, the preferred authoring tool for poster presentations, Adobe Photoshop for presentations with a heavy artistic focus and limited support for Adobe InDesign. Although the MPC doesn't support large format printing for advertisement, announcements or personal use, we can act as a liaison between you and an outside printing vendor to ensure your needs are adequately met.

Detailed documentation on large format printing policies and procedures can be found in the ITS Documentation System. Coordinated support timelines are also available to provide a visual representation of the poster assignment development process for an entire course.

For questions or inquiries about poster presentations or large format printing, please contact the MPC.


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