Map Site of the Month

September 2016 Site of the Month

The Atlantic Monthly hosts CityLab, which is an interesting collection of maps and other visualizations.

August 2016 Site of the Month

One of the concerns arising from the recent Brexit vote entails the status of the Northern Ireland border. If you're curious about international borders in general, you may enjoy these pages about the five most complicated borders, the 10 most complicated borders, or an in-depth focus on the Belgian-Dutch border.

July 2016 Site of the Month

Looking for summertime reading in cartography? Of course you are! No need to lug those bestsellers to the beach when you can access the first three volumes of the History of Cartography as PDFs! Maybe not as esthetically satisfying as the printed volumes, but a great format for catching up with this series.
History of Cartography

June 2016 Site of the Month

The David Rumsey Historical Map Collection is a very well-known site of long standing, but always has something new and is always rewarding to browse. Now with a Georeferencer and many other tools!
David Rumsey Associates

May 2016 Site of the Month

The Yad Vashem Transport Project has been studying the transports (to concentration camps) as an extensive phenomenon that transcended individual states, a "continental Final Solution," so to speak.  Users can look up particular transports which are mapped in Google Maps.
Yad Vashem Database

April 2016 Site of the Month

The International Cartographic Association also has a Map of the Month page, which currently features all the winners from previous International Cartographic Conferences. The ICA is interested in fostering all kind of activities related to mapping and maps.
ICA Map of the Month

March 2016 Site of the Month

The US Census Bureau has once again updated their Maps and Data page, with a directory of information available and a new Census Data Mapper, "intended to provide users with a simple interface to view, save and print county-based demographic maps of the United States."
US Census Bureau

February 2016 Site of the Month

The New York Public Library Digital Collections includes over 40 digital map collections. Thousands of these images are now available in the public domain, for you to download and use as you wish.
New York Public Library

January 2016 Site of the Month

Although a new report has complicated the picture which the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care paints of the differences in costs in different parts of the country, this interactive map is still an interesting way of visualizing health care cost information.
Dartmouth Atlas

December 2015 Site of the Month

As a companion to the Paris climate talks, you can visit NOAA Climate.gov.  In addition to "promot[ing] public understanding of climate science and climate-related events," the site provides news, maps, data, reports and learning activities.
NOAA Climate.gov

November 2015 Site of the Month

The EPA recently developed EJScreen, an environmental justice mapping and screening tool based on nationally consistent data and an approach that combines environmental and demographic indicators in maps and reports.  Check out this informative interactive tool!

October 2015 Site of the Month

HabitatMap is "non-profit environmental health justice organization whose goal is to raise awareness about the impact the environment has on human health."  This tool can be use by any community to organize and express concerns (for example, Revive Onondaga Lake).

September 2015 Site of the Month

Hosted by ESRI, the Living Atlas of the World features many different types of maps, apps and layers which are fun and informative to browse through. Many of these items were contributed through the Community Maps Program which is further explained on their Resources page.
Living Atlas of the World

August 2015 Site of the Month

The Data Center of Greater New Orleans revisits the effects of Hurricane Katrina ten years later with maps, data and over thirty statistical indicators.  Explore other perspectives on the state of southeast Louisiana from links on our Disaster Response Resources page.
The Data Center

July 2015 Site of the Month

It's summer and time for relaxation, so here are 32 Maps That Will Teach You Something New About the World and a look back at 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World. Enjoy!
32 Maps

June 2015 Site of the Month

The USGS and ESRI have teamed up to produce the Historical Topographic Map Explorer, which puts the rich tapestry of U.S. Historical Maps into the hands of everyone via an easy-to-use web application. Have fun exploring the past!
USGS Historical Topos

May 2015 Site of the Month

Humanitarian Open Street Map is just one of many ways in which the GIS community gives back during natural disasters.  For an example of a crowd-sourced map, visit the Nepalese-owned Kathmandu Living Labs.
Open Street Map

April 2015 Site of the Month

Stretch your mind with a little bit of spatial thinking: when one map style is transferred to different realms, it reveals relationships and features that were hard to see before.  Here are 15 subway-style maps that explain just about everything except subways.
15 Subway-Style Maps

March 2015 Site of the Month

I grew up on Long Island, so I love the new Long Island Index interactive map site; but it's also a great example of a site that encourages data exploration and another great product from The CUNY Mapping Service at the Center for Urban Research.
Long Island Index

February 2015 Site of the Month

Mapping the Nation is a new interactive map that pulls together demographic, economic, and education indicators—nearly one million data points—to show that the United States is a truly global nation.
Map The Nation

January 2015 Site of the Month

The Urban Observatory is an interactive exhibit that gives you the chance to compare and contrast maps of cities around the world. It aims to make the world’s data both understandable and useful.

December 2014 Site of the Month

In addition to offering ebooks and images, The Digital Public Library of America also features online exhibits, including Maps in American Culture.  This site is a wonderful resource!

November 2014 Site of the Month

November 19 is GIS Day, but why not celebrate all month with Geography Awareness Week courtesy of the National Geographic.  This year's theme is Discovering the World through GIS.

October 2014 Site of the Month

Here's a fascinating way to explore the world: MIT's You Are Here plans to release 100 maps of 100 cities, all very interactive founts of information (e.g., the walkingshed of a coffee shop).
MIT You Are Here

September 2014 Site of the Month

Burke Library now hosts a map site locating Civil War Letters from Oneida County Regiments, created with a customized Story Maps template and linking to the Library's digital collections.
Civil War Letters

August 2014 Site of the Month

ArcGISOnline is a web-based GIS that is easy to use and includes a huge amount of data. ESRI also provides Story Maps which are templates and apps for popular map styles. Check out the possibilities!
Living Atlas

July 2014 Site of the Month

Your summer reading list on the history of GIS: History of GIS (with several nice map links); 50th Anniversary of GIS (with short bibliography); The Power of Mapping (with related posts); and Charting the Unknown (book review on GIS at Harvard).
36 Maps

June 2014 Site of the Month

This month we feature the American Museum of Natural History Digital Special Collections -- an amazing web resource even if it isn't focused on maps.  Check out the archival photographs and Rare Book illustrations!
Digital AMNH

May 2014 Site of the Month

In conjunction with an update of Google Maps, Google is launching the Map Gallery which includes over 500 maps from National Geographic, in addition to many crowd-sourced samples.

April 2014 Site of the Month

The Maps in Time application is a software tool which allows you to track geopolitical changes throughout the 20th Century. This helps visualize changes in empires, states and territories.
Maps in Time

March 2014 Site of the Month

Data-Driven Detroit is an example of the many web services provided by state and local governments, NGOs and other organizations, to make maps and data easily available to the public for informed discussions of public policy and planning.
Data Driven Detroit

February 2014 Site of the Month

The Digital Scholarship Lab of the University of Richmond has just released the Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States. This project is a digitally-enabled version of the original atlas released in 1932 by Charles O. Paullin, deepened by time-enabled layers and connected to databases of demographic information.
Historical Atlas

January 2014 Site of the Month

Happy New Year from the good folks at the Census Bureau, who have just released TIGERWeb (visualize TIGER data without having to download it) and a joint project with Social Explorer, the Census Explorer (explore American Community Survey statistics).  Awesome!
US Census Bureau

December 2013 Site of the Month

National Geographic's Maps page contains many wonderful interactive resources, in addition to those beautiful wall maps (and base maps for your ArcGIS applications). You will need to create a free account, but what a wonderful resource!
National Geographic

November 2013 Site of the Month

The Census Bureau has developed the Data Visualization Gallery, "a weekly exploration of Census data" in a more visual format (h/t to Dave T.). They also provide a page of Interactive Internet Data Tools.
Data Visualization

October 2013 Site of the Month

The Washington Post collected 40 Maps That Explain the World and also 40 More Maps That Explain the World. Several of these maps feature in a high-speed celebration of off-beat maps called 42 Maps That Help Me Understand the World.
40 Maps of the World

September 2013 Site of the Month

You might not be all that interested in the NYC mayoral election, but the NYC Election Atlas is an intriguing example of the power of visualizing demographic data via mapping.
NYC Election Atlas

August 2013 Site of the Month

When you get tired of Google Maps, you can scoot over to Open Street Map, a crowd-sourced world map with beautiful cartographic detail. Includes cycle and transport layers and looks great on your phone, too!
Open Street Map

July 2013 Site of the Month

Well neat! We don't usually feature commercial sites, but where else can you buy fishing maps? or the now-famous Atlas of True Names? Just in time for vacation, get every map you'll ever need at Omnimap.com.
Atlas of True Names

June 2013 Site of the Month

ProPublica produced an interactive update of flood zones in NYC, including 2007 flood zones, storm surge from Hurricane Sandy and the newly-published flood maps.
NYC Flood Zones

May 2013 Site of the Month

The Smithsonian has used "story maps" from ESRI to produce a web site on Endangered Languages.  You can use the templates available at ESRI's Story Maps to make your own map-based web site.
Endangered Languages

April 2013 Site of the Month

Jason Davies' site features his work in freelance data visualization, including a slew of incredibly innovative maps, especially this rockin' animated map projection tool. This is truly amazing!
Jason Davies

March 2013 Site of the Month

The Atlas of Urban Expansion provides the geographic and quantitative dimensions of urban expansion and its key attributes in cities the world over. Map sections include urban land cover and historical samples, plus data for downloading.
Atlas of Urban Expansion

February 2013 Site of the Month

Some tools get better all the time, such as the recently-updated Census Bureau website, which includes quick facts, American Fact Finder, interactive map viewers, and extensive searching of data for downloading.  Even easier to find your answers!

January 2013 Site of the Month

Along with other map-related multimedia, have fun exploring the Mapping America: Every City, Every Block tool hosted by the New York Times. This maps local data from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey for the entire country in several categories.
NY Times Explorer

December 2012 Site of the Month

GIS professionals and amateurs assist with disaster response and recovery efforts, as seen in the wake of Hurricane Sandy at ESRI, Google, Crisis Commons, and other NYC resources.  The New York Times' coverage included Hurricane Sandy and Coastal Flooding maps.
FEMA GeoPortal

November 2012 Site of the Month

To demonstrate how maps can inform, educate and inspire, ESRI features samples of "story maps" at Storytelling with Maps. There is also a tutorial on using ArcGISOnline for creating story maps at the ArcGIS Resources communities page (which includes another gallery of maps).
Storytelling with Maps

October 2012 Site of the Month

NOAA has an entire web site devoted to climate change, including an interesting series of images and videos documenting changes over time, many of which feature mapped data. A nice example of the immediacy of the visual representation of data.
NASA State of Flux

September 2012 Site of the Month

The USGS is in the process of digitizing its entire collection of historical topographic maps. Wow! This is just one aspect of what's available at The National Map, which features professional-level tools at the National Atlas or with the National Map Viewer.
The National Map

August 2012 Site of the Month

Our "back to school" edition features our own pages of resources related to spatial thinking and mapping exercises. Newly-revamped pages include: online map collections; map-related teaching resources; sample student mapping projects; and spatial thinking and analysis.
GIS Support Home

July 2012 Site of the Month

The hot summer brings Climate Data Online, a nifty interactive map tool from NASA to help you understand the current drought and other climate issues. You can search by geographic regions, climate themes and various observational data.
Climate Data Center

June 2012 Site of the Month

An amazing collection of over 700 maps, the Language and Location - Map Accessibility Project "is a digital mapping project that integrates language data and information from the physical and social sciences." In addition, you can create maps from your own data.
LL Map

May 2012 Site of the Month

Just in time for the primaries, we have Redistricting and You, developed by the CUNY Center for Urban Research (the same outfit who brought you OASIS). These maps allow you to compare the major proposals with existing districts and with each other. Check out the slider bar for comparing current and proposed districts!

April 2012 Site of the Month

For Earth Day you can examine the EPA's new Greenhouse Gas Emissions map, which can be searched by location or facility and filtered by gas or emission range. The Earth Day 2012 Event Finder will help you find something to do for Earth Day (or create your own event).
EPA GHG Emissions

March 2012 Site of the Month

Just released by JISC, we have Old Maps Online, which will "act as a central repository to a vast collection of maps held by institutions across the globe."   And when you access the site, it initializes to your location. Cool!
Oneida County

February 2012 Site of the Month

Many institutions are producing web sites featuring a geo-referenced map serving as an interface through which one can explore a database of information. One fascinating example is the Nolli Map Engine from the University of Oregon, featuring a 1748 map of Rome.
Nolli Map Engine

January 2012 Site of the Month

Do you like "going up north"? The Adirondack Park Agency is one of many New York State agencies that produce maps and data layers free to the public. Don't forget to look for "maps," "GIS" or "data layers" whenever you browse a state agency website.
ADK Park Agency

December 2011 Site of the Month

The CUNY Center for Urban Research recently released Demographic Change in Metropolitan America, which uses census data to map neighborhood changes between 2000 and 2010 for Manhattan and 15 other metropolitan areas. These maps feature slider bars to help visualize change between one time period and the next. Beautiful work!
CUNY Center for Urban Research

November 2011 Site of the Month

If it's November, it must be GIS Day! Sponsored by the National Geographic Society and many other organizations, GIS Day provides an international forum for users of geographic information systems (GIS) technology to demonstrate real-world applications that are making a difference in our society.

October 2011 Site of the Month

The blog Strange Maps might appear to be just an amusing demonstration of how to represent different themes on a map; but the examples will get you thinking about how information can be displayed spatially. For a similar mental exercise, check out the visual information sites at the bottom of our Spatial Thinking page.
Strange Maps

September 2011 Site of the Month

OASISNYC is a wonderful example of community mapping -- in this case, for New York City. OASIS strives to help the public develop a better understanding of their environment with interactive maps of open spaces, property information, transportation networks, and more (check out the timeline series of lower Manhattan development).

August 2011 Site of the Month

Time to start thinking about how to incorporate spatial thinking and mapping exercises into your fall courses! Get those innovative juices flowing at our GIS in the Liberal Arts page, a widely-varied collection of classroom examples put together by Sean Connin (formerly of NITLE).
Study Abroad Map

July 2011 Site of the Month

Penn State has produced the Geospatial Revolution Project, which is an integrated public service media and outreach initiative about the world of digital mapping and how it is changing the way we think, behave, and interact.
Penn State Geospatial Revolution

June 2011 Site of the Month

The NYS DEC Mapping Gateway is a nice example of state government online mapping resources. Take a look at the page of interactive mapping tools -- neat!

May 2011 Site of the Month

Google Earth -- not because you can zoom to your house, but for everything else: the Showcase; the Gallery; the Community; the Tutorials; the extensive Help; the blogs (and more blogs). And a special community just for Educators! And did I mention all the layers of data?
Google Earth

April 2011 Site of the Month

ESRI's ArcGIS Online offers both the easy-to-use My Map Viewer and the more fully-featured ArcExplorer Online, both connected to ESRI's extensive resources of free map layers. ArcExplorer includes a wonderful gallery of maps made and shared by others, so get inspired!

March 2011 Site of the Month

The New York Public Library's Maps Division developed the Map Warper, an online tool that allows the easy alignment of historical (mostly fire insurance) and digital maps.  Sign up and rectify a map yourself!
NYPL's Map Warper

February 2011 Site of the Month

Stanford University hosts a multi-faceted Spatial History Project, which is "a place for a collaborative community of scholars to engage in creative visual analysis to further research in the field of history."
Stanford Visualization Gallery

January 2011 Site of the Month

The new American FactFinder, hosted by the Census Bureau, is "your source for population, housing, economic, and geographic data."  Beautifully redone and very easy to use!
American Fact Finder



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