Migrating Thunderbird Address Book to HillConnect

Exporting Contacts from Thunderbird

  1. Open Thunderbird.
  2. Click on the Address Book icon at the top.

PC                                                                                                    Mac

  1. In the Address Book, go to Tools > Export.

PC                                                                                                Mac


  1. Select Comma Separated from the Save as Type pull-down menu.
  2. Type Contacts in the File Name: field.
  3. Click Save.

PC                                                                                             Mac

Importing contacts into HillConnect

  1. Log into HillConnect at http://hillconnect.hamilton.edu
  2. Click on Contacts in the left-hand column.

  1. Click Import in the bottom left- hand corner.

  1. Click Browse.
  2. Locate your Contacts.csv file—by default saved on the Desktop—you just exported from Thunderbird.
  3. Click Import.

  1. A message will announce the successful completion of the Import process.  Click OK.

  1. Click on the imported contacts (in the picture below: Imported 12/13/11). Select More and choose Rename Group. When prompted by a pop-up window, type Thunderbird Contacts. Click OK.


  1. You’re all set!  Your contacts will appear in the middle column and will automatically be referenced when you compose your e-mail.


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