Resolution, Sizing, and Color Guidelines

For Scanning Graphics and Images

Graphics/Images for Print

When scanning a graphic or image that will be printed, the resolution should be set at 300 dpi (dots per inch) at 100% of the final image size. This means, if the image will NOT be resized after it is scanned the scanning resolution should be set at 300 dpi. If the image needs to be larger, please adjust the scanning setting to accomodate the image dimensions at 300 dpi.

Final size = 100% of original ==> scanning resolution = 300 dpi
 200% of original ==> scanning resolution = 600 dpi

The higher the resolution or physical dimension of an image, the larger the file size of that image will be. Your target resolution for printing is 300 dpi, at the desired size.

When a graphic/image is scanned, it is scanned in RGB mode. This is because RGB is representative of the colors found in light.

Graphics/Images for Web or Screen Display

The resolution of images that are only intended to be viewed on the web or computer monitor only, such as in a PowerPoint presentation, are different than those images that are printed. The recommended scanning resolution for images for the Internet is still 72 dpi.

Images that are intended to be viewed only on a monitor should remain in RGB color mode. This is the default mode when scanning; no settings need to be changed.


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