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Many Voices, One Hamilton

Anyone who has ever studied or worked on College Hill has a story to tell — a unique and personal reflection that, when combined with others, captures Hamilton's essence. These "Hamilton voices" resonate with different audiences: For alumni, they spark memories of lifelong lessons, mentors and friendships; for students, they portray Hamilton as a place to find your voice and make it heard; for faculty and staff, they instill a sense of pride in the important work they do to transform lives.

The new initiative Many Voices, One Hamilton provides the framework for illustrating the College's four key attributes through the insights, anecdotes and reflections of alumni, students, professors and employees — the collective voice of Hamilton. These four themes not only define the Hamilton experience, just as they have for nearly two centuries, but also reflect a commitment to our students — the Hamilton promise.

Innovative curriculum:
Students have the freedom — and responsibility — to plan their own rigorous course of study, without distribution requirements but with the close support of advisors and other faculty members.

Emphasis on writing, speaking and research: Hamilton offers one of the nation's exemplary programs in written and oral communication; it also provides a wealth of opportunities for students to engage in hands-on research, independently and with faculty mentors.

Enduring community: The College is resource-rich environment in a beautiful setting where intellectual curiosity, respect for others' views and the sharing of a common experience lead to deep and enduring friendships.

Outcomes: Hamilton alumni are creative, responsible individuals whose confidence and independent thinking enable them to be leaders in their professions and their communities.

Read about how you can share your voice — and order some beautiful Hamilton posters — at www.hamilton.edu/voices.

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