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Test your talk on rhetoric blog

Visiting Professor of Communication John Adams is inviting Hamilton alumni and students with an interest in speeches, rhetoric or language to join him and his students on The Daily Trope, a blog devoted to figures of speech and the rhetorical tropes and schemes on which public speaking skills are built.

Created for a speechwriting class, the blog offers a new rhetorical device each day, along with a definition and an example; students then compose and post their own examples, and alumni who visit the site are invited to do the same. The Sept. 30 offering, for example:

"Periphrasis (per-if'-ra-sis): The substitution of a descriptive word or phrase for a proper name (a species of circumlocution); or, conversely, the use of a proper name as a shorthand to stand for qualities associated with it."

To which a student responded with this example: "I may have gotten a little carried away, but I didn't go Howard Dean on the crowd."

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