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Design & Environment

Outside: Kirner-Johnson's exterior is faced primarily with copper panels from Revere Copper Products in nearby Rome, N.Y. The material has been aged to give it a greenish tint like copper that has weathered for many years.

Waterworks: A 40-foot water feature in the commons creates a soothing cascade of water over four small waterfalls. The soft background noise creates a warm environment conducive to both studying and conversation.

Legacy: Wood from the original KJ was used to construct planters for trees on the first floor. Brick floors on the first floor — which extend the outside design — use bricks from the original building as well.

Local: Ninety percent of the contractors and builders who worked on KJ came from within 50 miles of campus, supporting the local economy.

Light: The roof of the commons area is covered with solar panels, and the glass-enclosed space allows natural light to cascade down to the first floor. On most days, supplemental lighting is not needed. Glass throughout the building is argon-insulated for high efficiency.

Air: Sensors detect the number of people in KJ and adjust fresh-air flow accordingly. In cold weather a heat recovery system preheats incoming air. Both systems are highly energy-efficient.