Excelsior: The Gifts that will Keep Giving

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Looking to Tomorrow

The creation of the new Science Center around the façade of the 1925 Science Building, the ongoing expansion of the Kirner-Johnson Building, the renovation of the Molly Root House as the new home of the Art History Department, and the planned revitalization of ELS all underscore Excelsior's commitment to melding tradition and innovation in ways that best serve Hamilton's community of scholars.Now, as the College looks deeply into the future, the focus remains on that balance, but it also turns more fully to the needs of tomorrow's students.

The conclusion of Excelsior leaves Hamilton "in a great position," Little says, "but clearly we will be challenged — just as all institutions will be challenged— by what's going on financially. We have great needs and will continue to have great needs, particularly in the area of scholarships."He and Baker emphasize that the competition for the best and most deserving students is subject to changing demographic forces. "Competing for new pools of students— defined geographically, culturally and economically — is the reality all colleges and universities face in the 21st century," Baker says. "Hamilton will have to be in position to provide tuition and other financial support if we are to successfully compete for the best students and remain the college of opportunity that has been Hamilton's proud tradition for almost two hundred years."

But they also agree that the College's alumni and friends are up to that challenge. "People love Hamilton," Little says. "They relate to the wonderful experience they had there. They made lifelong friendships there, they formed lifelong relationships with professors. They treasure the memories. And they are therefore very happy to give back to this place that they consider a second home.

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